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Ice Cream and Cones


Looking for a delicious way to draw a crowd to your business? Look no further than Mountain State Ice Cream! We are your one-stop shop for top-quality ice cream in West Virginia, providing the best in both taste and service. We offer full-service solutions to meet your every need. With over 20 popular brands to choose from and a deep commitment to impeccable service, passion, and dedication every day, we make it easy and affordable to serve up the best ice cream in town! Let us be your distributor for all your ice cream needs.

Brands We Offer

Wide range of products

With over 20 different brands in our product catalog, we offer the most extensive product range to choose from in the United States.

Reliable service

We are committed to providing reliable and efficient service every time. If you ever encounter an issue or emergency, we are just a phone call away!

Serving a wide area

Offering full-service direct delivery from our warehouse to your business. Serving over 400 locations throughout four different states.

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